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Garlicky Grilled Squid

This recipe was inspired by that pleasing simplicity – the fresh sweetness of squid fried with aromatic garlic. 

Som Tam – Green…

Nothing beats the perfect balance of flavours in a traditional papaya salad – savoury, fresh with a satisfying flash of spicy heat.

Pad Kee Mao

Pad Kee Mao is often known as Drunken Noodles – perhaps because people end up drinking a little more than planned to put out the spicy fire in their mouths!

Coconut Pancakes

In honour of Pancake Day, we’ve got a delicious Pancake recipe with coconut, bacon and a poached egg.

Butternut Boat Recipe

The butternut squash halves create the perfect receptacles for all the flavourful veggie goodness in this recipe. In our book, there’s no excuse for plant-based food to ever lack taste or texture.

Corn Fritters Recipe

We introduced these on a special menu to celebrate Veganuary and they proved so popular we couldn’t part with them. They have such a pleasing flavour and texture with the satisfying crunch of sunflower seeds.

Mango Sticky Rice Pudding

A traditional dessert enjoyed across Thailand – sometimes made with fresh mangoes gathered straight off the tree!

Rising Star Red Duck…

There’s real love and effort that goes into cooking this dish properly, but the flavour of the sauce – sweet and rich – works beautifully with the crispy-skinned duck, making it a long-time favourite in our restaurants.

Crying Beef

Our version of the classic Thai dish, which goes by many different names, but is often known as Weeping Tiger, although the only sound you’ll hear while cooking this dish is the delicious sizzle of beef.

Salmon Paneang

Paneang is a less well-known Thai curry, which due to its vibrant red colour is often mistaken for its fiery red cousin. It tends to be thicker than a Thai red curry and richer and sweeter, with a nutty, rounded flavour.

Veggie Goodie Bowl

There’s something so immediately satisfying and a little theatrical about eating with your hands and these little nests are best enjoyed without cutlery. Simply wrap the lettuce leaves around the goodies and devour in one mouthful!

Zingy Prawns

One of our popular starters on the Giggling Squid menu. Founder Pranee describes the sauce drizzled on the prawns as zingy, citrusy and fresh.

Golden Money Bags

These found their way onto our menu by popular demand as we used to only offer them as canapés at opening parties for new restaurants. But people loved the crisp pastry and the herby chicken filling, and they’re now one of our most most-requested dishes.

Vegan Pad Thai Recipe

One of our most popular dishes, Pad Thai is always a crowd-pleaser. Not only delicious but surprisingly easy to cook from scratch with our (no longer secret) recipe.

Thai Green Curry Recipe

Now you too can ‘wok it’ like an expert and cook an authentic Chicken Thai Green Curry at home with our special Giggling Squid recipe.