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Your questions on sustainability in our business, answered.

What initiatives do you have in place to reduce your carbon footprint?
We are currently reviewing our carbon usage with a view to implementing a carbon reduction plan as part of a sustainability policy. Already, where possible, we work with suppliers who have initiatives to minimise their own carbon footprint and we have various initiatives such as trialling electric vehicles for our employees who incur high mileage so we reduce our emissions. Find out more about our commitment to sustainability here.
What do you do with food waste?
All our food waste is collected and used in anaerobic digestion, a process which uses the waste to produce bio fuels and fertilisers. Find out more on our sustainability page.
What are you doing for the environment?
We’re committed to running our business in a sustainable way and already have initiatives in place as part of our Green Squid policy. Please read more on our Sustainability page.
Is your takeaway packaging recyclable?
Our packaging is made of recyclable plastic PP5, which is collectable by many local authorities and bigger community recycling points such as supermarkets. We know it still has a little way to go and we are already looking at options that are kinder to the environment. Watch this space!
How energy efficient are your restaurants?
We use LED lights in all our new restaurants and will be upgrading older sites where possible as part of our refurb programme. Our kitchen appliances are all high-grade energy rating A+ and above and our teams are trained to reduce water wastage, for example by ensuring taps are not left on unnecessarily. We are also trialling induction woks in some of our new restaurants. Find out more about our commitment to sustainability here.
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