Opening Times

Mon-Thu:12:00 - 22:00
Fri-Sat:12:00 - 22:30
Sun:12:00 - 21:30


34 Princess Victoria Street
Bristol BS8 4BZ

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My husband, Andy, has a cousin who lives in beautiful Clifton. She told us that this part of Bristol would love a Thai restaurant like ours. So we put one in! We really enjoyed turning what was a square box into ‘a feast for the eyes’ as someone put it.

You’ll notice that there are lots of books lining the back walls. To open the restaurant, we had to sell the house we were living in, which meant all our books needed a new home. Without me knowing, Andy decided to relocate them to the restaurant! One day I was flicking through a couple of the books, and thought how weird it was that they looked similar to ours. It didn’t hit home until I saw a ‘How To’ baby book covered in my notes! When we eventually buy our own house again, I’ll have to take them back!