Golden Giggler

If you’re signed up to our newsletter, we can tell how often you Giggle and that’s when a regular Giggler becomes Golden and unlocks extra rewards.

What is a Golden Giggler

A Golden Giggler is our affectionate term
for our most loyal subscribers. Sign up to
our newsletter and if you book a table,
order a takeaway or leave a post-dining
review (or any combination of the above) 3
times during a 365 day period, you’ll
automatically unlock our Golden Giggler
treats and rewards.

How often do I need to Giggle to stay a Golden Giggler?

Our Giggling database notes every time
you book a table or order a takeaway or
leave a post-dining review. Do any of the
above 3 times in a 365 day rolling period
and you’ll stay in our Golden Giggler tier.
It makes our head hurt a little to work it
out so we’ve created a little diagram to
explain it!

More questions? Check out our FAQs!

How do I keep my Golden Giggler status?
You must continue to do any of these 3 activities in a 365 day rolling period: book a table, order a click & collect takeaway and/or leave a Feeditback review, and remain signed up to our database.
Can I opt out of being a Golden Giggler?
If you’d like to stop receiving Golden Giggler emails or our regular newsletters, contact [email protected] and we’ll delete your profile immediately.
How do you look after my data?
We never share it. If we partner with a brand to offer a prize and you win, we’ll contact you via email and will only share your address for the purposes of posting out a prize, afterwhich your data is deleted. See our privacy policy here.
Does it matter which email address I use?
We count your activities based on the email address you used to sign up to our newsletter so be sure to use the same email address for all bookings, takeaways and feedback.
I’ve got a question but can’t find the answer here
Please contact [email protected] if you have any questions still unanswered and we’ll be happy to help.