Gender Pay Gap Report 2020

Our people are at the heart of Giggling Squid and we are committed to building an inclusive culture where our teams and customers feel that they belong and are treated equally.

We welcome the opportunity to review the calculations that show the comparison between the average (mean and median) earnings of men and women in our organisation, as required by the government, under the Equality Act 2010 (Gender Pay Gap Information) 2017.

With over 800 employees we take great pride in being a fair and equitable place to work. We practice equal opportunities and firmly believe in appointing the best candidate into a role regardless of their gender or other factors covered by the Equality Act.

At Giggling Squid, everyone is paid for the role they have in the team and their performance in that role. No other factors affect employee remuneration. We are an Equal Pay employer – men and women performing equal work receive equal pay.

Consistent with the hospitality industry, our kitchen and back of house teams are predominately male. We also have fewer females in higher paid roles. This is what drives our Gender Pay Gap.

We are working to reduce this gap and will continually explore how we can create more gender balance given that we employ more men than women. We are actively looking at ways to counteract the perception of hospitality as a male-centred industry, to attract and welcome more females to the business as well as providing a strong career path and training for all.


Mean Gender Pay Gap

Male mean hourly pay rate is 19.6% higher than female mean hourly pay rate.

Median Gender Pay Gap

Female median hourly pay rate is 4.5% higher than male median hourly pay rate.

Proportion of male and female who received bonus payment:

Male                     17.4%

Female                 10.1%

Mean Bonus Gender Pay Gap

Male mean bonus pay is 78% higher than female mean bonus pay.

Median Bonus Gender Pay Gap

Male median bonus pay is 60% higher than female mean bonus pay.

Quartile Salary Range Banding                 

                                                                        Male                     Female

Lower hourly pay quarter                                                     75.0%                    25.0%

Lower middle hourly pay quarter                                        100.0%                   0.0%

Upper middle hourly pay quarter                                         75.0%                    25.0%

Upper hourly pay quarter                                                     100.0%                   0.0%


Mark Priest, CFO, Giggling Restaurants Limited, on 5th October 2021.