Allergen Charts

The purpose of this chart is to show what allergenic ingredients are contained in each dish. Those marked with ‘’ contain the specific allergenic ingredient.

Those marked with “M”, either May Contain the allergenic ingredient or is Made in a factory that also handles those allergenic ingredients, according to information provided by our suppliers.

Please always inform your server of any allergies before placing your order. Whilst we try our best to ensure your food is suitable for you, our dishes are prepared and cooked in areas in which allergenic ingredients are present. Our staff are able to go through allergen requirements and discuss menu options.

Due to the very nature of Thai food, nuts and peanuts are prevalent in our kitchens and we CANNOT guarantee that our dishes are without nuts or peanuts. Guests with severe nut allergies should make their server aware and are kindly advised to assess their own level of risk and consume dishes at their own risk.

Guests with Life- threatening allergies must take this risk into consideration before dining with us.

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